As a child, Nori had a precosious interest in art and music. She began drawing as soon as she could hold a pencil, teaching herself by 'copying' what she saw in life. Nori developed an interest in playing guitar at around the age of 10, and taught herself to play guitar by listening to her favorite records and picking out the parts by ear. By the age of 16, she'd taught herself various styles on guitar and mastered many advanced techniques, all before ever taking a single lesson.

Nori's pencil art has an extremely touchable, lifelike quality. She spends many hours on one drawing, never rushing her work. "I'll spend weeks or even months on a drawing if it means getting the exact feel of the subject". Nori has done much commission work covering a wide variety of subject matter. She took the first place blue ribbon for her drawing "Fire" at the 2009 Lewiston Art Festival in historic Lewiston, New York. Nori is a lover of all animals and has donated her work to organizations such as the 'Maddies Pet Rescue Project'. Her drawing "Faith and Hope" received the highest bid at the event's silent auction.

Nori began composing music in her teen years. Over time, her skills have become impressive through consistent self- study and determination, and she has tackled a diverse range of musical styles with refreshing creativity. Nori composes, performs and records all of her own music.

Nori attended Villa Maria College of Buffalo in 1996, studying with masters like James Kurzdorfer and Jeremy Sparks. In 2002, she was selected as one of five finalists in all of North America in the "North American Rock Guitar Competition" and took second place. Buffalo music critic Jeff Miers wrote "Nori Bucci showed she had the talent to take it all!". Nori's other credits include 'best rock guitarist' at the Buffalo music awards and a full page interview in the April 2007 issue of "GUITAR PLAYER" Magazine-